Log Kits for Pellet / wood stove with natural draft


Phenix/Lydia wood emergency kit                                     €180.00

Sofia/Jessica Natural SN wood emergency kit                  €160.00

Giada SN wood emergency kit                                          €200.00

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Adaptor Log Kit for Pellet Boilers (Used when pellets cannot be sourced)

You can use this kit to burn small quantities of wood. Care MUST be taken not to over load the boiler causing over heating of the appliance.
This is classed as an emergency adaptor kit and must NOT be used continuously. Once pellets have been sourced again, the kit must be removed and the appliance reverted back to burning pellets as originally designed.
Laminox S.r.l. will NOT take any responsibility for damage that may be caused to the appliance when using the adaptor log kit.

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Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 950 × 674 × 929 cm

Phenix/Lydia, Sofia/Jessica Natural SN, Giada SN, Test Kit